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"As epic and as beautiful as it is possible to get..." Scream Magazine


The Emerald Dawn are a multi-instrumentalist, symphonic progressive rock quartet, who combine elements from classical music, jazz and rock to produce their own original, distinctive and exciting sound—a sound that is cinematic, epic, experimental and powerful. Usually haunting, often beautifully melodic and always highly atmospheric, the music of The Emerald Dawn paints images or tells stories that stimulate the imagination and takes the listener on unforgettable musical journeys.

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'In Time':


"a very profound and moving musical journey... magical... you will find a veritable pot of gold here. Truly impressive and staggeringly wonderful -- a real joy to behold, I suggest you reserve your copy now and await your time to hear this masterpiece." John Wenlock-Smith, Progradar


"a deeply impressive concept album.  ...a work of genius. ...a work I believe will set the progressive world alight. Steve Lazenby, Lazland


"'In Time' should consecrate the group among the progressive rock elite... Utterly exquisite..." Thomas Szirmay, Prog Rogue 


Live performance:


"Their live shows are a feast for the senses, with stunning visuals and a powerful energy that electrifies the crowd." Chris Parkins, London Prog Gigs


"Often gorgeous and sometimes transcendent...potent pastoral-tinged prog flows from the stage." Gary Mackenzie, Prog Magazine

Earlier albums:

"I think I have a contender for my 'Album Of The Year 2021'... To Touch The Sky is a magnificent album that seems to provide evidence that The Emerald Dawn are truly on their way... My simple advice is to clear a space on your CD shelves to house this masterpiece." Prog Rock Music Talk

"Very, very atmospheric…all their tracks are a terrific soundscape…they manage to paint terrific aural pictures." ('Searching for the Lost Key') Jim Lawson, Progzilla Radio

"'Nocturne' displays musical prowess that will leave your heart in your throat."

The Prog Mind

"5 Stars for The Child Within and Moonlight alone... I bought all their albums after hearing Musique Noire off the Visions album. God what this band could do with a full orchestra would be amazing to hear and the guitar work is absolutely stunning, emotion and feeling seldom heard anymore. I’ve always considered Andy Powell’s solo at the end of Ashes are Burning by Renaissance to be one of the most spine chilling solos I’ve ever heard, it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up every time I hear it but I have to say the guitar work on The Child Within is at that level in my book. I’ve always thought female vocalists were way under used throughout the history of the genre and also very well used here. Definitely thumbs up from this lifelong prog aficionado."

Watch The Emerald Dawn Live:


A very special thank you to Graham Stead, Marc Auger, Stan Siarkiewicz, Martin Reijman, Richard Swan, Toni López, Cosmic Xposure, and Paul Antonelli for the band photographs.

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We are absolutely bowled over to be in the Top Ten in the 2023 Prog Magazine Readers' Poll for the Best Band.


We are over the moon that 'In Time', our latest album, has been voted the Album of the Year in the Prog Explorations Plus annual poll.






We are delighted that Wild Thyme Records have selected our new album 'In Time' as their first vinyl release. It is available via Burning Shed


Pre-orders of the CD will be taken from 4th August and the CD of 'In Time' will be released officially on 23rd September via our Bandcamp page


There is a full three-page interview with The Emerald Dawn in Issue 145 of Prog Magazine.










We're absolutely bowled over to have come Third in the Best Unsigned Band category of the 2022 Prog Magazine Readers' Poll.


The Emerald Dawn headlined Prog the Forest in London, UK on 4th December 2022.  

There is a full two-page feature on The Emerald Dawn in Issue 129 of Prog Magazine.











We're extremely pleased to announce  that 'To Touch the Sky' was Tony Colvill's album of the year for The Progressive Aspect and Jim Lawson's album of the year for Progzilla Radio.

We are delighted to announce that Plane Groovy released 'To Touch the Sky' on vinyl over the Easter weekend. See here.

We are happy to announce that our fourth studio album, 'To Touch the Sky', was released on Ostara, 20th March, 2021. CDs and digital downloads available on our Bandcamp page.

Review of A Sunday in September (London, 2023) in Velvet Thunder here

Review of our 2022 Penzance gig in The Progressive Aspect here

Review  of our 2021 Southampton gig in The Progressive Aspect here

Review of our Prog for Peart gig in The Progressive Aspect here


September 22nd, 2024 - The Robin, WOLVERHAMPTON, UK, with Pearl Handled Revolver 

October 19th, 2024 - HRH Prog XIV GREAT YARMOUTH, UK   


June 1st, 2024 - The Soundle Music Festival 2024, Key Theatre, PETERBOROUGH, UK, (headlining) plus Solstice, Amanda LehmannSpriggan Mist, The Blackheart Orchestra, and more

May 31st, 2024 - O'Rileys, HULL, UK, plus EBB 

May 27th, 2024 - Ivory Blacks, GLASGOW, UK, plus Long Earth 

May 25th, 2024 - 45 Live, KIDDERMINSTER, UK, plus The John Hackett Band

May 26th, 2024 - The Corporation, SHEFFIELD, UK, plus Ghost of the Machine

March 9th, 2024 - The Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes, UK, with Pearl Handled Revolver

November 9th, 2023 - HRH Prog XII, Great Yarmouth


September 22nd, 2023 - Carnglaze Caverns, St Neot, Cornwall, UK, with Rosalie Cunningham

September 10th, 2023 - A Sunday in September, The Bedford, Balham, London, UK, plus The Enid, Poly-Math, and more

March 3rd, 2023 - Fusion 4, The Civic, Stourport-on-Severn, UK, plus Solsticeand more 


December 4th, 2022 - Prog the Forest, The Fiddler's Elbow, Camden, London, UK

November 26th, 2022 - Danfest, The Musician, Leicester, UK

October 2nd, 2021 - Summer's End, Chepstow, UK

August 19th, 2021 - A New Day Festival, Faversham, UK 

August 14th, 2021 - Prog for Peart Festival, The Northcourt, Abingdon, UK​

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