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THE EMERALD DAWN are a multi-instrumentalist, symphonic progressive rock quartet, who combine elements from classical music, jazz and rock to produce their own original, distinctive and exciting sound—a sound that is cinematic, epic, experimental and powerful. Usually haunting, often beautifully melodic and always highly atmospheric, the music of The Emerald Dawn paints images or tells stories that stimulate the imagination and takes the listener on unforgettable musical journeys. 


The Emerald Dawn have been making huge waves in the UK over the past year, having gone down a storm at Prog for Peart, Fusion, A New Day, A Sunday in September, and Summer’s End Festivals. Described as ‘the South West's finest prog rockers’ (Chris Franklin, ‘Raised on Rock’, 10Radio 105.3 FM on 20/01/2019), The Emerald Dawn was originally formed in Edinburgh by multi-instrumentalists, Tree Stewart and Ally Carter,  before moving to the South West, where they were joined by jazz drummer Tom Jackson and, more recently, by bass player David Greenaway. 

'As epic and as beautiful as it is possible to get...' Scream Magazine

‘Often gorgeous and sometimes transcendent...potent pastoral-tinged prog flows from the stage.’ Gary Mackenzie, Prog Magazine



October 15th, 2022 - The Brunswick, Brighton & Hove, UK

October 16th, 2022 - The 1865, Southampton, UK

November 26th, 2022 - Danfest, The Musician, Leicester, UK

December 4th, 2022 - Prog the Forest, The Fiddler's Elbow, Camden, London, UK



Click here to watch videos of The Emerald Dawn 


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The Emerald Dawn came sixth in Prog Magazine's Readers' Poll for the Best Unsigned Band of 2021. 

Tony Colvill of The Progressive Aspect chose The Emerald Dawn’s 2021 album, ‘To Touch the Sky’, as his album of the year, as did Jim Lawson of Progzilla Radio

David was rated Number 10 in the top 10 bass performances of 2021 by The Prog Mind. Click here to see the full list.  


Tree was rated Number 7 in the top 10 keyboard performances of 2017 by The Prog Mind. Click here to see the full list.  


Ally was rated Number 6 in the top 10 guitar performances of 2017 by The Prog Mind. Click here to see the full list. 

2020 IPA nominee


In March 2021, The Emerald Dawn released their fourth studio album, 'To Touch the Sky', to rave reviews.

'I think I have a contender for my "Album Of The Year 2021"... To Touch The Sky is a magnificent album that seems to provide evidence that The Emerald Dawn are truly on their way... My simple advice is to clear a space on your CD shelves to house this masterpiece.' Prog Rock Music Talk (full review here)


'One of the finest modern progressive acts and well known for their atmospheric and haunting take on progressive rock, To Touch the Sky, an album consisting of three tracks, is what you play someone when they want to know what new bands to listen to. Evolving their sound (as all the best bands do) To Touch the Sky is an absolute masterpiece in contemporary prog from start to finish and has to be listened to as one whole piece of work, there’s no dipping in and out of here, this is an album that needs your full attention, and one that rewards the listener.' The Spirit of Progressive Rock (full review here)


​'building on the creative success of "Nocturne" that promised a masterpiece to be delivered next, the St. Ives group serve it up... the group’s greatest glorious achievement... they do touch the sky with their music.' Let it Rock (full review here)


'After Nocturne it would have been easy for The Emerald Dawn to tread water, they have not and now have two quite different but equally great albums. When not writing and just listening, this album has been a quality rioja, and on a further listen a single malt.' The Progressive Aspect (full review here)


​​'The Emerald Dawn keeps getting better.  Their musicianship was never in question for me, but their continued ability to produce interesting, poetic, and ethereal music is obvious on this record.  ‘To Touch the Sky is perfectly titled, and I find myself listening to it continuously.' The Prog Mind (full review here)


​'wonderful stuff, and music that is simply made to luxuriate in like a warm aural bath...'​ Velvet Thunder (full review here)



In February 2019, The Emerald Dawn  released their third studio album, ‘Nocturne’, to rave reviews:


‘This is a sheer delight to listen to, one of those albums that gets inside your soul and is one that you will keep with you for life. … I love this album.’ The Progressive Aspect (full review here)


‘A wonderful must have album, full of passion, drama, and majestic instrumentation throughout…’ ***** Progplanet (full review here)


‘“Nocturne” displays musical prowess that will leave your heart in your throat’. The Prog Mind (full review here)


‘…after only a few moments I knew that this album was extraordinary.’ Mały Leksykon Wielkich Zespołów (full review here)​​​​


‘…the guitar work is absolutely stunning, emotion and feeling seldom heard anymore.’ Jeffrey A. Czarnecki (full review here)


' wondrous as only a near masterpiece can be.' ***** Let It Rock (full review here)


'Nocturne' and 'To Touch the Sky' (current band) line-up:


Tree Stewart - keyboards, Seabord, flute, acoustic guitar and vocals 

Ally Carter - electric guitar, saxophones, guitar synth, keyboards and vocals

David Greenaway - fretted and fretted bass guitars

Tom Jackson - drums


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'TO TOUCH THE SKY' ALBUM RELEASE DATE - March 20th 2021 (Ostara)

'To Touch the Sky' is the fourth studio album from symphonic progressive rock band The Emerald Dawn.


3 track album


1 The Awakening (11.15)
2 And I Stood Transfixed (15:07)
3 The Ascent  (22:17)

Total running time: 48 minutes and 39 seconds

CD Booklet pp. 1 and 8 med res.jpg

Emerging from the darkness of their previous, and highly acclaimed, album 'Nocturne', The Emerald Dawn take the listener on a journey 'To Touch the Sky'. This album, the band's fourth, is a celebration of the voyage towards one's ultimate goal, including the hardships and dangers faced en route. Beginning with the night, the music depicts the process of waking up and coming to life. A moment of awareness, or the experience of being awestruck, then provides the motivation for each traveller to pursue their quest. In the closing 22 minute epic, 'The Ascent', the metaphor of climbing a mountain can be interpreted as a psychological, spiritual or physical attainment, just as the listener chooses.

CD Booklet pp. 4 and 5 med res.jpg
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