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Some reviews of The Emerald Dawn's music

Scream Magazine

''As epic and as beautiful as it is possible to get...'

5* Prog Rogue

'“In Time” should consecrate the group among the progressive rock elite... Utterly exquisite...'

Read the full review in Prog Rogue here

9 out of 10 rating - The Prog Mind

''I might have to start calling The Emerald Dawn “one of my favorite bands” soon.  I like all their albums, but To Touch the Sky and now In Time are just so damn good that I can hardly contain my enthusiasm.  ...  In Time is a fantastic record from a band that deserves so much more recognition than they get.'

Read the full review in The Prog Mind here

Prog Radar

'a very profound and moving musical journey... will find a veritable pot of gold here. Truly impressive and staggeringly wonderful - a real joy to behold, I suggest you reserve your copy now and await your time to hear this masterpiece.'

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'simply, a work of genius.'

Read the full review in Lazland here

Velvet Thunder

'[The tracks] Timeless and The March Of Time confirm The Emerald Dawn’s tradition of writing excellent multi-part and mostly instrumental pieces but with Out Of Time they have upped the ante, nailed the long prog format, and surely cemented their position as the darlings of the prog community.'

Read the full review in Velvet Thunder here


5* Let It Rock

'In Time...this masterpiece of an album.'

Read the full review in Let It Rock here

Prog Rock Music Talk

'I think I have a contender for my "Album Of The Year 2021"... To Touch The Sky is a magnificent album that seems to provide evidence that The Emerald Dawn are truly on their way... My simple advice is to clear a space on your CD shelves to house this masterpiece.'

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The Spirit of Progressive Rock

'One of the finest modern progressive acts and well known for their atmospheric and haunting take on progressive rock, To Touch the Sky, an album consisting of three tracks, is what you play someone when they want to know what new bands to listen to. Evolving their sound (as all the best bands do) To Touch the Sky is an absolute masterpiece in contemporary prog from start to finish and has to be listened to as one whole piece of work, there’s no dipping in and out of here, this is an album that needs your full attention, and one that rewards the listener.'

Read the full review in The Spirit of Progressive Rock here

5* Let it Rock

'building on the creative success of "Nocturne" that promised a masterpiece to be delivered next, the St. Ives group serve it up... the group’s greatest glorious achievement... they do touch the sky with their music.'

Read the full review in Let it Rock here

The Progressive Aspect

'After Nocturne it would have been easy for The Emerald Dawn to tread water, they have not and now have two quite different but equally great albums. When not writing and just listening, this album has been a quality rioja, and on a further listen a single malt.'

Read the full review in The Progressive Aspect here

9 out of 10 rating - The Prog Mind

'The Emerald Dawn keeps getting better.  Their musicianship was never in question for me, but their continued ability to produce interesting, poetic, and ethereal music is obvious on this record.  ‘To Touch the Sky is perfectly titled, and I find myself listening to it continuously.'

Read the full review in The Prog Mind here

Velvet Thunder

'wonderful stuff, and music that is simply made to luxuriate in like a warm aural bath..'

Read the full review in Velvet Thunder here


'a remarkable audio journey”… “To Touch the Sky’ is a real pleasure to listen to and you can really absorb this music for yourself, I highly recommend that you support their efforts..'

Read the full review in Progradar here


'« To Touch The Sky » est un beau moment de rock progressif, symphonique, imaginatif et contemplatif à souhait!.'

Read the full review in ProgCritique here


'du grand art musical… ce ‘To Touch the Sky’ est le meilleur album de la formation cornouaillaise à date..'

Read the full review in Profilprog here


'The Emerald Dawn’ neemt je met  ‘To Touch the Sky’ mee op een heerlijke muzikale reis..'

Read the full review in RockMuzine here

Progressive Rock Central

'This is a wonderful, dream epic and ethereal journey to touch the sky….'

Read the full review in Progressive Rock Central here

Prog Archives

'I loved their debut and every album thereafter, but this is their crowning achievement. Resolute, rebellious, adventurous, creative, and yes, FOCUSED on creating their own very original style, recognizable within a nano second. The group stick to their mantra, come hell and high water, unconcerned. That needs to be celebrated with gusto and respect… For me (and many others) this is touching the sky..'

Read the full review in Prog Archives here

95 out of 100 rating - House of Prog

'"To Touch the Sky" an album where all of Emerald Dawn’s philharmonic progressive rock hallmarks have once again come to the fore and, in fact, have been protracted to reinforce the musical pedigree of this truly remarkable British band. With the spirit of the music creating a distinctly atmospheric edge and in addition encompassing a melancholy feeling of fearful anticipation, it would not be an exaggeration to compare this latest Emerald Dawn epic to a modern orchestral work of classical proportions.'

Read the full review in House  of Prog here

9 out of 10 rating - The Prog Mind

'The Emerald Dawn offers music that is truly poetic and immense, and also mostly instrumental.  Just like on “Visions”, “Nocturne” displays musical prowess that will leave your heart in your throat.  “Visions” accomplished this with sheer technical fireworks, but this album manages to impress through the weight of its evocative melodies and its ability to paint pictures in your mind.  This album features amazing guitar and keyboard solos, impressive rhythms, and especially dark and poetic ideas.'

Read the full review in The Prog Mind here

The Progressive Aspect

'...articulate, intelligently crafted and performed to perfection. … This is a particularly powerful and striking album that shows a band who know exactly what they’re doing, have the musical chops and song writing skills to pull it off with aplomb and have originality in abundance to do their own thing. … I can’t fault it, not one bit, everything works – and works to perfection. This is a sheer delight to listen to, one of those albums that gets inside your soul and is one that you will keep with you for life. … I love this album.'

Read the full review in The Progressive Aspect here

5* Progplanet

'a symphonic rock delight which is awash with atmosphere and intrigue… The whole affair is an exquisitely layered symphonic rock epic with bountiful helpings of tunefully stunning guitar passages bursting from amongst solid platforms of majestic keyboards, fluid bass lines and powerful drumming. … A wonderful must have album, full of passion, drama, and majestic instrumentation throughout…'

Read the full review in Progplanet here

5* Review by tszirmay -  Honorary Collaborator on Progarchives

'I was thoroughly enchanted with The Emerald Dawn's debut offering, a fabulous under-produced, yet enigmatic and stark slice of music, peppered with long tracks that seep deep into the mind. Sizzling and moaning guitar leads, sweeping orchestral keyboards, occasional sax blasts and a driving beat are the highlights as well as Tree Stewart's aching voice, a truly original sound that is laden with mystery and echo....'

Read the full review in Progarchives here

4 out of 5 Rating - Mark Monforti,

'The work is wonderful and atmospheric. Full of interesting bits and drama.'

....'should be a stand out album for fans of IO Earth and Renaissance thanks to Tree’s haunting vocals.'

Read the full review on  here

James R. Turner, Progradar

'..A Vision Left Unseen....packs more musical and emotional clout than some bands fit into a whole album.'

'...the performances on here are exemplorary and the production is sublime....'

Read the full review on Progradar here

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